What to prepare for Halloween: a festive chocolate recipe.


Halloween — a mystical holiday, which is celebrated on October 31 on the eve of All Saints. Funny homemade chocolate will not only create the right atmosphere of the holiday, but also give a good mood and will appreciate its taste.

Halloween 2016 is getting closer and closer, and time to prepare very little left. If you want to surprise loved ones, cook delicious and simple dessert of chocolate.

The recipe is simple feast: two kinds of chocolate should be melted in a water bath, poured into a mold and sprinkle with candy. We recommend the use of orange pills — a traditional Halloween color. Another highlight of our eerie confection — eyes that look straight at you! (Hint: in the form of eye candy can be found in the confectionery section the supermarket).

The monster chocolate can be added not only candy. Feel free to use the crushed nuts, pretzels and even salty potato chips.

Chocolate Eyes monster on Halloween


● 70% cocoa chocolates — 200g.,
● Milk chocolate — 200g.,
● Small candy yellow and orange — 100g.,
● Cardamom powder — a pinch,
● Small candy in the form of an eye — 50g.,
● Small sweet pretzels — 5 tbsp.


The square shape of size 24 by 24 cm to lay a paper for baking. Chocolate break into equal pieces and melt in a water bath at the end by adding cardamom. Do not overheat.

Chocolate is poured into a mold and smooth. Sweets and pretzels spread over chocolate and let harden completely. Chocolate break or cut into equal pieces. Store in a cool dry place.

Bon Appetit!

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