What to do with Products if you Turned off the Light

What to do with Products if you Turned off the Light

Tips on how to keep foods from the refrigerator fresh until electricity appears.

1. Do not open once again the doors of the refrigerator and freezer: a modern refrigerator can keep a constant temperature of up to 24 hours. If the power outage is long-term, keep it closed for as long as possible.

2. Place thawed raw meat and poultry in a basin of salted water. So it will remain usable for another 24 hours.

3. Dairy products (buttermilk, yogurt, butter) are transferred to ceramic or glassware away from sunlight. Milk can be poured into a jar and put in a container of cold water. Storage in a dark place and regular water replacement can significantly extend the shelf life of milk and butter without a refrigerator.

4. Fresh vegetables and fruits are mine just before consumption — they are stored unwashed longer.

5. Chicken eggs can be stored without a refrigerator, but not more than a week.

If there was no electricity for a long time, before you start to cook from products that were stored without a refrigerator, make sure of their safety:

1. Throw away anything that has changed color or texture. When there is an unpleasant smell, slimy plaque from the products must be disposed of.

2. Check if there are ice crystals on the products. You can freeze again those where they are still preserved.

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