Unusual Appetizer for the Holidays

Unusual Appetizer for the Holidays

At first glance you won’t guess what it is, but the idea is very simple and accessible to everyone, it’s all about an interesting presentation and a bit of imagination. Do not look at the simplicity of the recipe, but try to implement it.


• Packaging waffles for cake (sold in any supermarket),
• Salt and spices for your taste (I add dried garlic),
• Hard cheese 100 grams or 0.5 cup,
• Sausages 0.5 kg. or 1,10 pounds,
• Potatoes 1 kg. or 2,20 pounds,
• Oil for frying,
• Egg — 1-2 pcs.


1. For a start, boil the potatoes and mash it, pass it through a sieve so that there are no lumps. In it, add cheese, grated on a grater, prepare it in advance, since we need mashed potatoes hot. Add salt and pepper to your taste.

Unusual Appetizer for the Holidays-2

2. Now take the waffles, preferably rectangular, and spread the mashed potatoes on them in a not very thick layer. Since it is hot, the waffles soften and can be rolled into a tube. And in the middle put our sausages. Cut into small slices and dip in the egg.

Unusual Appetizer for the Holidays-3

3. Then fry, you can use a skewer or tongs in a large amount of vegetable oil to a golden hue. Serve hot with grated cheese.

Bon appetit!!!


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