Universal dough for mayonnaise!

Universal dough for mayonnaise

Suitable for any baking! Baking from mayonnaise dough for a long time does not become stale.


● 150g. of mayonnaise,
● 0.5 teaspoon of salt,
● 3 teaspoons of sugar,
● 25g. yeast,
● About 4 glasses of flour,
● 1 glass of water.


Yeast diluted in water, add mayonnaise, salt, sugar.
Pour in the flour gradually, to get a soft, elastic dough.

Eggs and butter in this dough is not needed, in mayonnaise it is so.
Cover the dough with a napkin, let stand for about 1.5 hours, go up.
During this time, the dough should be kneaded a couple of times and you can start baking.

Bon Appetit!!!

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