The Most Delicious Fish Pie

The Most Delicious Fish Pie

Fish pie is a simple and quick to cook fish dish. Tasty and beautiful so much that it is worthy of a festive table!


Diameter of the mold is 24 cm.

For Dough

● Flour — 300 g
● Butter — 150 g (I have margarine)
● Sour cream 20-25% — 100 g
● Egg — 1 piece
● Sugar — 5 g
● Salt — 3 g
● Baking powder — 3 g.
● Grease egg
● Sesame (I used chia seeds)

For Filling

● Mashed potatoes — 250 g
● Raw hake fish — 450 g (I have pink salmon)
● Sour cream 25-30% — 50-80 g
● Fried onions — 100 g
● Egg — 1 piece
● Salt — 4 g
● Pepper to taste.


1. Combine flour with baking powder, sugar and salt.
2. Stir in the sour cream and egg.
3. Grind the flour into crumbs with butter (margarine) and add the sour cream mixture. Knead the dough quickly.
4. Wrap the dough in film and send in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
5. Divide the dough into 2 parts larger and smaller.
6. Large roll out more than the diameter of the mold, transfer on a rolling pin to a greased mold, press well onto the sides of the mold, remove excess.
7. At the bottom, distribute cold mashed potatoes with dill.
8. Top with finely chopped hake fillet mixed with sour cream, egg, fried onions, salt and black pepper.
9. Roll out the smallest part of the dough a little more than the upper diameter of the mold, cut holes and use a rolling pin to transfer to the mold. Trim excess dough.
10. From the scraps of dough, cut out the figures of fish and attach to the oiled dough. Lubricate the figures with an egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
11. Bake with an oven preheated to 190 ° C at an average level for 40-45 minutes without convection.
12. Cool the pie and serve. Good in both warm and cold.

The baking time may differ from the one stated in the recipe, focus on your oven and the material from which the mold is made.

The Most Delicious Fish Pie

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