Sunshine pizza.

Sunshine pizza

This pie is delicious, warm, with a juicy filling and tasty cheese top.


For the dough:

● Milk — 120 ml.,
● Egg — 1 pc.,
● Flour — 300g.,
● Butter — 50g.,
● Salt — 1/2 tsp.,
● Sugar — 2 tbsp.,
● Pressed yeast — 12g.

For filling:

● Sweet pepper — 1/2 pieces,
● Sausage — 200g.,
● Tomato — 1 piece,
● Korean carrots — 50g.,
● Cheese — 100g.,
● Egg yolk — 1 pc.,
● Mayonnaise,
● Ketchup.


1. In the warm milk dissolve yeast, sugar, salt.

2. Add the egg and melted butter.

3. Pour the sifted flour.

4. Knead the soft dough. The dough is wrap in a plastic bag and put into a warm place for an hour.

5. After the dough has approached it in gently stretch. Roll into a circle (form can be directly on the baking sheet).

6. The edges of the sausage rings lay. In the middle of make incisions from the center before reaching the edge (using cutting pizza).

7. In the sausage put rings of tomato and pepper, it sliced into strips.

8. Make a mesh of mayonnaise and ketchup.

9. Then put the Korean carrots and grated cheese.

10. Bend the each dough segment from the center to the edge.

11. Give 15 minutes to proofing. Fill carefully under the edge of the dough and coat the top of the egg yolk. Bake at temp. 180 * for 20-25 minutes.

Bon Appetit!

Sunshine pizza

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