Strawberry sangria.

Strawberry sangria

Strawberry sangria with peaches, oranges and lemon is perfect for a summer party.


● Oranges — 2 pcs.,
● Lemon — 1 pc.,
● Peaches — 3-4 pcs.,
● Strawberry — 200g.,
● Red wine — 1 L.,
● Fruit liqueur — 100 ml.,
● Ice for filing.


1. Wash all fruits and berries.

2. Citrus cut into slices, cut the peaches into slices, and cut the strawberries in half.

3. Put all fruits and berries in a large jug, pour wine and add liqueur, mix and put in the refrigerator to cool.

4. Ready sangria served with ice.

Bon Appetit!!!

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