Sour Cream Cookies with Almonds

Sour Cream Cookies with Almonds

A simple recipe for homemade baking: sour cream cookies with nuts. It is delicious to eat with coffee or cocoa.


● Sour cream — 100g.,
● Egg yolk — 1 pc.,
● Fine sea salt — 0.5 tsp.,
● Flour for baking bread — 6 tablespoons. (60g.),
● Baking soda — 1/8 tsp.,
● Egg yolk for lubrication,
● Handful of almonds.


1. Mix sour cream, yolk, salt, baking soda and flour, knead the soft dough.

2. Leave the ready dough in the food bag for 5-7 minutes, then take it out and roll it out on the surface covered with flour to a thickness of 0.8-1 cm.

3. Cut out cookies of round shape, shift it to parchment paper and make a few punctures with a fork.

4. Lubricate with whipped yolk and lightly press into each cookie over almond nut.

5. Bake in preheated to 170 C oven until the cookie is browned.

Bon Appetit!!!


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