Snack of herring «Strawberry»

Snack of herring «Strawberry»



● Herring 1 pc.,
● Blue Onion 1 pc.,
● Dill,
● Beet 1 pc.,
● Potatoes 2-3 pcs.,
● Lemon juice,
● Olive oil,
● Parsley,
● Sesame.


Potatoes and beets, boil by steaming. Clear, cool.
Beet rubbed on a fine grater, potato puree, mix.
Herring and onion cut into small cubes, mix with chopped dill.

From beet-potato mass make a small flat cake in the middle to put a teaspoon of filling of herring, form a «pie» in the form of strawberries.

From olive oil and lemon juice to cook the sauce, pour all the «strawberries», sprinkle with sesame seeds.
From parsley to make a «tails».

Bon Appetit!

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