Satisfying Salad

Satisfying Salad

What can be better for any table than simple and satisfying salads. The recipe for a hearty salad, prepare tasty and healthy.


● Chicken Breast — 300g.,
● Hard cheese — 170g.,
● Canned corn — 120g.,
● Eggs — 3 pieces.,
● Mayonnaise — 120g.


1. Boil the eggs, and boil the chicken breast in slightly salted water until cooked.

2. Cut the hard cheese into small cubes.

3. Chicken fillet cool and chop. You can just tear it with your hands finely, and you can cut with a knife.

4. Chop the eggs finely.

5. Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl, season with mayonnaise. The salad is ready.

Bon Appetit!!!

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