Sassy Water for Weight Loss.

Sassy Water for Weight Loss

What is Sassy Water: In simple terms, it is an ordinary water infusion of cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint leaves. The infusion is ordinary, but the whole benefit of this drink lies in the products that are used for its preparation.

The Sassy water is named after Cynthia Sass. It was she who invented this cocktail and successfully uses it to maintain her figure in excellent form.


● 2 liters of water,
● 1 tsp grated ginger,
● 1 lemon,
● 1 peeled cucumber,
● 10-12 leaves of mint.


All ingredients are placed in a container, which is then filled with water (mint leaves are pre-torn with hands).
The capacity is put on the lower shelf of the refrigerator and left for 10-12 hours (ideal — to prepare water in the evening and leave it for the night).
During this time there will be diffusion — vitamins and trace elements will mix with water, we will get a useful and refreshing cocktail.

Bon Appetit!!!

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