Salad with beets, eggs and walnuts

Salad with beets, eggs and walnuts


Delicious and simple spring salad with beets, walnuts, boiled eggs, garlic and cheese brine.


● Beet 3 piece.
● Walnuts large handful
● Eggs 2-3 pieces.
● Garlic 1 clove
● Feta or bryndza 100g
● 2 tablespoons chopped fresh herbs
● Spice
● Olive oil


1. Boil the beets until tender or bake. Cool, peel and cut into cubes.
2. Walnuts fry in a dry frying pan and chop finely.
3. Boil hard boiled eggs, cool, peel and cut into slices.
4. Mix the beets, nuts and crushed garlic. Season and pour over the olive oil.
5. On top of decomposed crumbled cheese, slices of eggs and parsley.

Bon Appetit!

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