Salad «Tenderness»

Salad «Tenderness»


Salad Tenderness for any holiday table.


● Onions — 200 Grams,
● Vegetable oil — 30 milliliters,
● Chicken fillet — 500 Grams,
● Mayonnaise — 1 To taste,
● Eggs — 7 Pieces,
● Salt — to taste.


1. Boil chicken (cook for about twenty minutes after boiling). Then it is necessary to cool the fillet and cut into small pieces.
2. Clear the onions and finely chop it. We fill it with boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Then drain the water, and cold water wash onions (onions so will not taste bitter).
3. Beat the eggs (each individually), a little salt it. Preheat a frying pan, grease with vegetable oil, pour in the mixture, fry. Fry pancakes on both sides.
4. Cool the pancakes and cut them into strips.
5. In the bowl, mix the onion, pancakes and fillets. Add the mayonnaise and mix all well.
Tenderness salad ready. Now you can decorate and serve.

Bon Appetit!

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