Salad Snack «Christmas tree Balls»

Salad Snack "Christmas tree balls"

Finished balls — soft and gentle, and if you put them for a couple of hours in the fridge, then the snack will become more dense in structure. In the recipe there is nothing complicated, everything is easy and fast.


● Leaf greens (salad) — 4-5 pieces,
● Hard cheese — 100 Grams,
● Crab sticks — 200 Grams,
● Egg of chicken — 2 pieces,
● Mayonnaise — 100 Grams,
● Olives black or green — 50 Grams (pitted),
● Salt, black pepper powder — to taste.


1. Boil the eggs, cool and clean the shell. Remove the crab sticks from the packaging. Strain the olives from the liquid.

2. On the smallest grater, grate cheese, eggs and crab sticks. One third of the mass of crab chips should be put aside for breading balls. Add the mayonnaise. Salt and other spices at will, I did not add anything, not even salt, for my taste was just enough. Stir well.

3. From the cheese-crab mass roll balls, size does not matter, do what you like. Roll each ball in crab chips.

4. Lay the balls on the lettuce leaves. Olive cut into halves and put each half on the ball, press in a little. So the «Christmas balls» are ready.

Bon Appetit!!!

Salad Snack "Christmas tree balls"

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