Salad «Pineapple» with walnuts

Salad «Pineapple» with walnuts


This beautiful and delicious salad will look great at the New Year and the holiday table! And you can prepare Pineapple salad with walnuts and birthday. This is an absolute «nail» of the program and hit the table. This original salad is not only impressive appearance, but also a harmonious combination of products, which gives him a terrific divine taste.


● 100 g halves walnuts,
● Several of arrows green onion,
● 2 medium potatoes,
● 3 hard boiled eggs,
● Pickles (gherkins better)
● Hard cheese 150g
● 200 g smoked chicken,
● Salt to taste,
● Filling — mayonnaise.


Potato and eggs salad to Pineapple need to boil and well cool. Cheese, potatoes and eggs rubbed on a coarse grater. Chicken and cucumbers cut into small cubes. Salad gives all the best layers in the following sequence:

1. Potatoes,
2. Smoked chicken,
3. Pickled gherkins,
4. Chicken again,
5. Eggs
6. Cheese.

Between the layers is greased a thin layer of mayonnaise. Surface salad and smeared with mayonnaise and decorated with halves of a walnut. From the stalks of green onions are forming top of our Pineapple. Salad need to give a little time to soak (in the cold). After an hour or so can be fed a layered Pineapple salad with walnuts and smoked chicken on the table.

Bon Appetit!

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