Salad «Orange Slices»

Salad «Orange Slices»



● Carrots — 1 pc
● Onions — 1-2 pieces
● Potatoes — 1 pc
● Chicken — 1 pc
● Pickled cucumbers — 1-2 pieces
● solid cheese — 150g
● Mayonnaise — 100g


Boil the potatoes, grate it on grater and put on a dish in the form of orange slices. Cover mayonnaise setochkoy.Kurinoe fillets cut into cubes, put the potatoes on top and then cover with mayonnaise. Diced onion slice, put another layer of mayonnaise on top and make the grid.

Use a fork mayonnaise can be a little smudge on top, so it is distributed more evenly.
Diced pickles, and grease with mayonnaise. Cook the carrots, grate it on a small grater. Put carrots outside of the slices. All the rest of the grated hard cheese cover and make carrot segments.

Bon Appetit!


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