Salad of herring, beetroot and avocado

Salad of herring, beetroot and avocado


Festive salad for any occasion from beets, herring and avocados can be submitted to the table in portioned cups. We obtain very original and beautiful.


● 200g of beet.,
● Avocado 150g.,
● 200g lightly salted herring fillets.,
● 200 g sour cream.,
● A few sprigs of greenery.,
● Salt to taste.


1. Boil the beets, cool and clean.
2. Avocados are cleaned, cut in half and remove the seeds.
3. Cut the beets, herring and avocado cubes the same size.
4. Portioned cups lay layers of beets, avocado and herring.
5. Add sour cream and decorate with greenery.

Bon Appetit!



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