Salad «Beloved Husband»

Salad "Beloved Husband"

Super delicious Salad «Beloved Husband» will bring pleasure to your husband. It will be your favorite dish on your festive table.


● 300 grams smoked chicken breast,
● 300 grams champignons,
● 4 eggs,
● 100 grams of onion,
● 2 processed cheese,
● 120 grams of tomatoes,
● 100 grams of mayonnaise,
● 2 cloves of garlic.


Cut champignons into thin slices. Lay them on a hot frying pan and fry for 10 minutes without oil.
Mushrooms will first extract the juice, but in 10 minutes it will evaporate completely.
Salt and pepper mushrooms, a portion of vegetable oil. Finely chop the onion and add to the mushrooms.
Stir and fry for another 10 minutes. After that, transfer mushrooms and onions to a plate and leave to cool.
Cut the smoked chicken fillet into small cubes. Eggs hard boiled, chill and grate.
Processed cheese, before to grate, put it for 40 minutes in the refrigerator. After that they will be grated much easier.
Mix grated cheese and eggs in a bowl. Add mayonnaise and chopped garlic. Mix well.
It’s time to collect the salad.
It is necessary to lay out its layers: mushrooms, half egg-cheese mixture, chicken fillet, the rest of the mixture of eggs and cheese.
Put the salad in the fridge for 1 hour, so that it is thoroughly soaked.
Chop the tomatoes into small pieces. Take the salad from the fridge and decorate with chopped tomatoes. Salad is ready.

Bon Appetit!!!

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