Russian Herring under a Fur Coat


Herring under a fur coat for any occasion with an unusual supply. From the specified amount of ingredients from two fish.


● Herring fillets 1 pc.
● Bulb onion 1/2 pcs.
● Potatoes 2 pcs.
● Beets 2 pieces.
● Carrots 2 pcs.
● Mayonnaise
● Salt
● Lettuce leaves
● Black peppercorns.


1. Cut herring fillets into small cubes. Onion peel and chop.
2. Potatoes, beets and carrots boiled in their skins, cool and clean. Grate the potatoes and beetroot on a fine grater. Carrots finely chop.
3. Put the salad in the form of fish layers, sprinkling salt and lubricating mayonnaise. Layers: herring, onions, potatoes and beets.
4. Pieces of carrots put in the form of fish scales, decorate with mayonnaise. Cut mouth from a slice of carrot. Make fins salad leaves and mayonnaise eyes and black peppercorns.

Bon Appetit!

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