Royal Cheesecake with Cocoa: simple, beautiful, delicious!

Royal Cheesecake with Cocoa: simple, beautiful, delicious!

The filling of the cheesecake is somewhat like a souffle or pudding, and the taste is much brighter.


For the dough:

• Eggs — 2 pieces,
• Sugar — 0.5 cups,
• Sour cream — 1 cup,
• Soda — 0.5 tsp.,
• Flour — 1 cup,
• Melted butter — 2 tbsp.,
• Cocoa — 2-3 tbsp.

For the filling:

• Curd of medium fat content — 500g.,
• Sugar — 0.5 cups,
• Starch or semolina — 3 tbsp.,
• Eggs — 3 pcs.


1. We begin to cook the dough: beat the eggs with sugar into the foam, then add sour cream, soda, butter, mix everything.

2. Add flour and cocoa. Stir.

3. Separately mix the components for the filling. In the end, you should get a lot of thick consistency.

4. In the baking dish, greased with oil, pour first the dough, then in the center begin to fill the curd mass. We do not level anything, we do not interfere, the mass itself will spread as it should.

5. If the cheesecake is baked in the oven, heat it to 180 degrees, cook the dessert for 40-50 minutes. The first 20 minutes the oven does not open. And then you can check the readiness of a toothpick.

6. If the cheesecake you decide to cook in a multicooker, bake it in the «Baking» mode (about 140 degrees) for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then another 5-10 minutes, keep the cake under the closed lid.

Bon Appetit!!!

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