Rolls with Shrimps

Rolls with Shrimps

We bring to your attention the simplest recipe of rolls with shrimps.


● Round grain rice — 250g.,
● Seasoning for sushi — 2 tbsp.,
● Algae Nori — 1 leaf,
● Pickled cucumber — 1 pc.,
● Salt — 1/3 tsp.,
● Shrimp — 100g.,
● Eggs — 2 pcs.,
● Vegetable oil — 1 tbsp.,
● Avocado — 1 pc.,
● Rice vinegar — 3 tbsp.,
● Soy sauce to taste,
● Wasabi to taste,
● Marinated ginger to taste.


1. Rinse rice and pour into boiling salted water. Cook for 20 minutes over medium heat.

2. Add to the boiled rice 2 tbsp. seasonings for sushi.

3. Beat the eggs with a whisk and fry them in a pan.

4. Cut the strips obtained egg pancake.

5. Cut the strips of avocado and cucumber.

6. Dilute rice vinegar in a cup of water.

7. Put a sheet of algae on the bamboo mat matte side up.

8. Wet your hands in the acetic water, spread the rice on the nori sheet, leaving 2 cm from the top side free from rice.

9. Stepping back 1 cm from the bottom edge, spread the shrimp, egg pancake, avocado, optional salt cucumber.

10. Carefully roll the roll with the help of a bamboo mat, while its edge should touch the layer of rice.

11. Raise the edge of the mat and roll the nori with the help palms of hands and its contents forward.

12. It turns out sausage with a shell of nori and rice filling. Cut with a knife soaked in acetic water, rolls 2 cm thick.

13. Serve rolls with soy sauce, wasabi or marinated ginger.

Bon Appetit!!!

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