Roasted salmon steaks with vegetables.


Cook fried fish in a garlic marinate and garnished with green beans, green peas, and tomatoes.


● Salmon steaks 4 pcs.,
● Lemon 1 pc.,
● Olive oil 100g.,
● Garlic 4 cloves,
● Salt and pepper to taste.

For the garnish:

● Green beans 300g.,
● Green peas 200g.,
● Cherry tomatoes 10 pieces.,
● Handful pine nuts,
● Salt and pepper to taste,
● Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons,
● Herbs for decoration.


1. Crush the garlic chopping board with a knife.

2. Salmon steak to salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle the top with olive oil and lemon juice, put on top of crushed garlic. Put in a cool place for 15 minutes for marinating.

3. The fish fry on the grill or frying pan until golden brown and put on a dish.

4. In a skillet heat the vegetable oil, fry the green beans and peas until tender, add salt and pepper. For 5 minutes until cooked add the cherry tomatoes and roasted pine nuts.

5. Serve the fish with vegetables, sprinkled with chopped herbs.

Bon Appetit!!!

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