Ratafia with lemon

Ratafia with lemon


Ratafia is an ancient drink, kind of liquor. We will make the drink with lemon and spices.


● Lemons — 10 pcs.,
● Coriander — 10g.,
● Carnation — 10g.,
● Strong vodka — 1.5 l.,
● Sugar — 1.2 kg.,
● Water — 4 cups.


1. Lemons are well washed, cut into small pieces. Add lightly pounded coriander and cloves, pour vodka and infuse for a week.

2. From the sugar and water to cook a thick syrup, remove from heat. Cool and mix with strained infusion.

3. Strain Ratafia through cotton wool or several layers of cheesecloth, pour into a bottle.

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