Quick Khachapuri

Quick Khachapuri



● Hard cheese (grated) — 200g
● Dill (green) — 100g
● Chicken Egg — 2 pcs
● Sour cream — 200 g
● Wheat flour — 2 tbsp.
● Vegetable oil — 2 tbsp.


1. We spread all the products at once: grated cheese, two eggs, sour cream, chopped dill and two tablespoons of flour with a large slide. Mix with a spoon until smooth, without fanaticism. There is nothing to whipping. That is the beauty of the recipe. And the result — just fantastic! You see for yourself.
2. Pour into the pan and spread the oil curd. Fry until golden brown on both sides over medium heat. The first side to fry under the lid, then gently
turn over and fry without lid. A total of 12 minutes. Spread on a plate and cut pieces of fragrant

Bon Appetit!

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