Pumpkin Rice for Halloween

Pumpkin Rice for Halloween

These original pumpkin rice can be served as an independent treat or as a side dish to meat, fish or vegetable dishes for Halloween.


• 1 cup of rice,
• 400 ml of carrot juice,
• 300 ml of water,
• Stalk and leaves of parsley,
• Canned olives,
• Salt to taste.


1. Rinse carefully to clean water. Then fill the rice with water and carrot juice, salt and cook until the liquid is completely absorbed.

2. Finished rice cool to room temperature.

3. With a tablespoon, collect the same portions of rice mass and roll down small flattened balls, similar to pumpkins.

4. Finished the pumpkin spread on the dish. Periodically dip your hands in water so that rice does not stick to your hands.

5. Cut the olives into small pieces. Lay on the rice pumpkins eyes and mouth, slightly pressing them inward.

6. From the stalk and leaves of parsley, form the tops of pumpkins.

Bon Appetit!!!

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