Potato ice cream.

Potato ice cream

Waffle horns with mashed potatoes are a great treat that will help make fun of your friends.


● Potatoes — 1 kg.,
● Warm milk or cream — 200 ml.,
● Butter — 2 tbsp.,
● Salt to taste,
● Green onion — 2-3 stems,
● Ice-cream horns — 10 pcs.


1. Peeled and washed potatoes, drain the water. A pot of potatoes should be kept for a while on light fire or in an oven so that the rest of the water evaporates.

2. After that, without letting the potatoes cool down, wipe it through a sieve or pztsaazmyat wooden pestle, add butter, salt and, stirring, gradually pour hot milk or cream.

3. Add chopped green onions.

4. Fill the ice cream cones with mashed potatoes.

Bon Appetit!!!

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