Pork Goulash with Tomato Sauce

Pork Goulash with Tomato Sauce

Goulash is a popular Hungarian dish, which is eaten with pleasure all over the world.


• Pork — 400 grams,
• Onion — 2 pcs.,
• Tomato paste — 3 tbsp.,
• Flour — 1 tbsp.,
• Bay leaf — 2 pcs.,
• Sweet pepper — 5 pcs.,
• Salt, pepper to taste,
• Any greens as desired,
• Vegetable oil.


1. Cut the meat portionwise and fry for 5 minutes in vegetable oil, over a large heat.
2. Chop the onion and add to the meat, fry all about 8 minutes over medium heat.
3. Add salt, pepper, sweet pepper and flour. Mix thoroughly and fry 3 more minutes.
4. Add the tomato paste to the pork, put the bay leaves and mix.
5. Pour water to the goulash or meat broth and stew under a closed lid on low heat until half an hour.
6. Goulash must be stirred periodically.
7. Put the dish on a plate and sprinkle finely chopped fresh greens.

Bon Appetit!!!

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