Pie of puff pastry with cheese and spinach.


Prepare unsweetened snack pie of puff pastry with a filling of spinach, bacon, pine nuts and three kinds of cheese.


● Bacon, cut into slices 6 strips,
● Chopped onion 1/2 pcs.,
● Pine nuts, toasted on a dry frying pan 1/4 cup.,
● Frozen spinach in briquettes of 300g.,
● Eggs 2 pcs.,
● Grated Cheddar cheese 3/4 cup.,
● Grated Gouda cheese 1/4 cup.,
● Grated Parmesan cheese 1/4 cup.,
● Salt and pepper to taste,
● Nutmeg to taste,
● Puff pastry, defrosted 225g.,
● Milk for greasing.


1. In a frying pan fry the bacon until crisp. Transfer to a plate.

2. In a frying pan with the fat from the bacon to add the onion and fry until soft.

3. Good overcome thawed spinach.

4. Mix the spinach with cheese, add bacon, onion, nuts and mix well again. Add spinach mixture to the eggs, spices and stir.

5. Roll out the puff pastry into a rectangle. Put the filling on one half of the dough and cover the second half. Well fasten the ends of the dough, you can press them with a fork.

6. Coat the cake with milk, salt and pepper and make three oblique notch above.

7. Bake at 180 C for 30-40 minutes, until the cake is golden. Before serving, cool slightly and cut into portions.

Bon Appetit!

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