Pepper vodka in house conditions

Pepper vodka in house conditions



● Vodka — 1L
● Honey — 2 tbsp.
● Red chili pepper — 5 medium pods
● Dry paprika — 2 tbsp.
● Lemon zest
● Vanilla sugar
● Black pepper
● Cinnamon — to your taste


The easiest recipe of vodka with pepper lovers of delicious and aromatic beverage. Quantity spices can be reduced or increased, achieving the desired taste.

Before making vodka with pepper, each pod must make a few longitudinal cuts. Place the peppers into a jar, fill it with vodka and close lid.


The mixture infuse for seven days in a dark place heat — banks can be kept at room temperature, but not below 16 degrees. Every day, the mixture should be stirred well — better to do it every 5-6 hours.

When the drink will acquire Sledkov brownish tint, it will need to strain. Put into vodka filtered honey, paprika and other spices, mix well and put the tincture for two days in a dark warm place. The drink can be considered ready for use. Strain it through a cotton filter, pour into a bottle or decanter and serve.

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