Patties with Eggs and Green Onions.

Patties with eggs and green onions

Fried Patties is the best way to show yourself as an excellent housewife even if there is a shortage of time! So, we will prepare quick patties with eggs and green onions!


● Buttermilk — 300 milliliters;
● Food soda — half a teaspoon;
● Eggs of chicken — 2 raw and two boiled;
● Green onions;
● Salt — to taste;
● Flour — 1.5 cups.


In warmed buttermilk add soda and leave for five minutes.
Add eggs and mix well.
Add about half the flour.
Now in the dough throw a green onions and chopped boiled eggs.
The remaining flour is mixed into the dough. Consistency should be similar to thick sour cream (or dough for pancakes).
Fry in oil on a hot frying pan. Serve with sour cream.
Such patties differ from the standard ones in that the filling is already intermittent in the dough, which saves considerable time during cooking.
They are perfect for a Sunday lunch, a picnic or an unexpected visit by guests.
If the house does not have a green onion, it can be replaced with any greens.

Bon Appetit!!!

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