Pate from chicken liver

Pate from chicken liver

Do it at home at least once and make sure that the homemade is much tastier than the store, without any harmful additives.


● 300g. of chicken liver,
● 1 large onion,
● Butter,
● 150 ml. cream,
● Salt, pepper.


Peel onion, chop and fry until soft in butter.

The liver is cleaned of films, it is good to wash, add to the fried onions.

Bring the liver to the ready, do not overdo, inside it should remain pink.

Pour the liver with cream, salt, pepper to taste and extinguish literally two minutes.

Allow to cool slightly, transfer to a blender and beat well.

Keep the pâté in the fridge, if you plan to eat it for several days, melt the butter and pour the top of the pâté.

Bon Appetit!!!

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