Pancake appetizer «Chess»

Pancake appetizer «Chess»



● Pancakes
● Lettuce leaves
● Boiled meat (either beef, chicken, etc.).
● Onions, fried in oil
● Chopped walnuts
● Grated cheese (any taste)
● Garlic (for the cheese curd)
● Mayonnaise
● Salt


The form, which we use for the preparation of this dish, lined with cling film, leaving the ends hang down on the sides.

Bake thin pancakes on a favorite tested recipes.
Prepared form spread pancakes overlapping each other.

For we place a pancake stuffed with meat, passed through a meat grinder with fried onions and chopped nuts, followed by adding mayonnaise until a plastic mass, and turn rolls.

On lettuce leaves spread cheese and garlic stuffing with the addition of mayonnaise, and also to turn off roll.

Prepare desired number of rolls.

We spread the rolls staggered into shape. Alternating pancake rolls with salad to fill in a form (in 2 or 3 layers).
Top pancakes close the ends, which are lined with pre-shape, cover with cling film and put it under the form of the goods is not less than 10 hours.
NOTE. The higher the form, the larger the cut — and then it may be difficult to thread and putting some slices on a dish.
Better use is not very great shape, such as cake pans (brick), and make themselves thinner rolls.

Before serving, turn over to form a flat dish and cut into slices portioned snack.
For better mechanical strength of our design is recommended pancakes and lettuce before phasing them in rolls grease on both sides of the softened (but not melted) butter.
There pancakes lining form, should be lubricated only the inner surface.

Bon Appetit!

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