Oatmeal kissel

Oatmeal kissel

Oatmeal kissel is useful for the stomach, liver and kidneys. It dissolves stones in the bile and bladder, reduces cholesterol in the blood. Oats restore strength, give energy, help from depression.

For preparation it is necessary:

— 1 cup of oatmeal
— 5 cups of water
— 1 cup of milk
— honey

Put on fire and boil on low heat until the liquid jelly. Then add milk to the original volume and boil. When a little cool, add 4 tbsp. honey or to your liking. Eat during the day as much as you want.

Oat pudding clears the body of harmful substances accumulated by years of malnutrition. The constant use of jelly increases endurance, gives cheerfulness, energy, promotes a long and healthy life.
In addition, a jelly from oat flakes:
— has a healing property
— improve metabolic processes in the body
— lower the cholesterol level
— has cholagogue properties
— regulate fat metabolism
— have a beneficial effect on the pancreas
— reduces pain with various diseases of the stomach
— serve for the prevention of atherosclerosis
— relieve dryness and flaking of the skin
— prevent edema
— strengthens the immune system
— Improves eyesight

There are no contraindications to oatmeal. And it’s very nice. Only if someone has an individual intolerance.

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