New Year camouflage: create «tree cones» from any salad.


This salad — just a masterpiece! Because under the «tree cones», you can hide almost any festive salad, even «Oliver!»


● The ham (or chicken) — 160g.,
● Potatoes — 3 pcs.,
● Onions — 0.5 pc.,
● Eggs — 3 pcs.,
● Pickled cucumbers — 3 pieces,
● Almond nuts — 100g.

For the marinade:

● Water — 0.5 Art.
● Vinegar — 1 tsp

For the sauce:

● Mayonnaise — to taste,
● Mustard — 1 tsp.,
● Salt — to taste,
● Black pepper — to taste.


Potatoes are washed, boiled and clear of a peel. Eggs boiled, remove the shell. Eggs and potatoes cut into cubes.

Also chop into cubes pickles and ham (it can be replaced by smoked or boiled chicken).

Onions clean of the husk, cut into half rings. We spread in a bowl and pour the marinade: 0.5 cups of cold water take 1 tsp vinegar or lemon juice. Leave to marinate the onions for 1 hour.

Prepare the sauce: In mayonnaise add the mustard, salt and black pepper (all to taste). Mix. To the sauce has become more «light» mayonnaise can add sour cream.

Proceed to assemble the salad.

There are two ways.

Method one: mix all ingredients in a bowl, dressed salad and form «tree cones.»

Method two: on a flat dish lay out all the products layers (eggs, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, ham), each coat with sauce.


The main thing is the salad should be spread in the «hills» shape, reminiscent of buds. Almond nuts before decorating a slightly dry in the oven (at 160 degrees) and cool. Then take the nuts one by one and as though they dent the surface of the salad.


Bon Appetit!!!

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