«Napoleon» with almonds, apricots and prunes

«Napoleon» with almonds, apricots and prunes



● The dough is ready a flaky — 6 sheets (3 pack)


● Sour cream — 500 g
● Whipping cream — 1 L
● Sugar — 2 cups
● Vanilla — to your taste
● Apricots and prunes, dried and sweet — 300 g
● Almonds — 100 g


1. 6 Bake cakes, cool.
2. Cream: 500 g sour cream 1 cup sugar and beat with a mixer.
3. 1 liter of cream to whip the cream with a mixer until peaks, then gradually add 1 cup sugar and beat with a mixer.
4. Then, connect the two together the cream, add the sour cream in small portions, continuing to whisk, add the vanilla.
5. Cooled cakes fluff cream, not sparing.
6. Between 3 and 4 Korzh cream sprinkled with chopped apricots and prunes. Top decorate the cake crumbs and generously sprinkle with almonds. The cake turned supervkusny, gentle and quick.

Bon Appetit!

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