Milk chocolate jelly.

Milk chocolate jelly

To prepare this summer dessert you will need special silicone molds.


● Milk 250 ml.,
● Gelatine 10g.,
● Water 5 tbsp.,
● Sugar 4 tbsp.,
● Cocoa powder without sugar 15g.


1. Soak gelatin in water.

2. Mix half the sugar with milk.

3. Pour a little milk into the gelatin and completely dissolve it on low heat. Do not boil.

4. Mix the gelatin mixture and the remaining milk.

5. Pour off 100 grams of milk, warm it slightly (do not boil) and dissolve cocoa powder and remaining sugar in it.

6. In the molds (6 pieces of 70 ml), pour chocolate milk first. Put in the refrigerator until it freezes.

7. Then pour the remaining milk into the molds. If it has already been re-used, then dissolve it again in the microwave.

8. Put in the refrigerator for freezing. For feeding, you need to remove the jelly from the molds. If desired, sprinkle dessert with ground cinnamon or cocoa powder.

Bon Appetit!!!

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