Milk Biscuits with Vanilla

Milk Biscuits with Vanilla

This taste has been familiar to many since childhood. They are sweet, dairy and very tasty.


● Flour — 400 grams or 0.88185(lb) Pounds,
● Sugar — 200 grams or 0.44092(lb) Pounds,
● Margarine — 100 grams or 0.22046(lb) Pounds,
● Milk — 80 milligrams or 0.00018(lb) Pounds or ,
● Baking Powder — 10 grams or 0.02205(lb) Pounds or 0.00282(oz) Ounce,
● Egg of chicken — 1 pc.,
● Vanillin — 1 tsp.


1. Beat the softened margarine with sugar, egg and milk.
2. Add vanillin, baking powder and flour to the liquid mass, quickly knead the dough.
3. It should turn out to be soft. The resultant dough is roll into a layer, the thickness of which should not be more than 0.6-0.7 cm.
4. Squeeze out the dough pieces of any size, put them on a baking sheet and put them into an oven, heated to 180°C degrees. Bake milk biscuits with vanilla for 15 minutes before browning.

Bon Appetit!!!

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