Mayonnaise for Half a Minute (3 Recipes)

Mayonnaise for Half a Minute (3 Recipes)

How to make mayonnaise at home is delicious and fast. Homemade mayonnaise is much more natural than purchased. In addition, do it no longer than five minutes.

1 recipe


● 1 egg,
● 250 ml. sunflower oil, odorless,
● 1 tsp. sugar,
● 1\3 tsp. salt,
● 1 tbsp lemon juice.

All in a jar 0,5 l. Take the immersion blender and the main yolk inside the whisk and press it tightly against the bottom. Beat the yolk, from time to time, raise the whisk. Shake 2-3 minutes. That’s ready!

Want a provencal sauce — add 1 tsp of mustard. Want tartar sauce — add the garlic and finely chopped salted cucumber.

2 recipe


● 1 egg whole and 1 yolk,
● 1 tbsp. of mustard,
● 340-400gr. of refined sunflower oil,
● Juice of half a lemon,
● 2 tbsp. of water.
Cook like 1 recipe.

3 recipe (without eggs)


● 150 gr. of milk,
● 150 gr. sunflower oil, odorless,
● 1 tsp of mustard,
● 1-2 tbsp.. lemon juice,
● Salt to taste.

1. Mix butter and milk with a blender for 3-4 minutes.
2. In the middle of whipping put the mustard and salt.
3. As the mass becomes white, it looks like not very thick sour cream, pour in without stopping to beat the lemon juice.
4. The mass will thicken very quickly.

Bon Appetit!!!

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