Marble beef in Imperial with asparagus.


Marble beef gets its name because of the thin, evenly distributed fatty layers, on a section resembling natural pattern of the noble stone. During cooking, they gradually melt, filling beef juice, whereby it acquires a unique softness and tenderness.


● Beef (rib eye steak) 220g.,
● Asparagus 60g.,
● Garlic 10g.,
● Bell peppers 50g.,
● Herbs 2g.,
● Sea salt 2g.,
● Green onion 5g.,
● Haitian sauce 10ml.,
● Ground pepper 2g.,
● Ajinomoto seasoning 1g.,
● Chicken stock (powder) 3g.,
● Sugar 3g.,
● Vegetable oil 50ml.


1. Rib eye marinated in salt, black pepper and remaining spices with the addition of fresh herbs and green onions.

2. Fry on the grill and then cut into bars and serve on a mini-grill with separately cooked green asparagus. Watered-based black pepper sauce.

Bon Appetit!!!

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