Korean Tomatoes — just delicious!

Korean Tomatoes - just delicious!

Korean tomatoes — an acute, savory, unusually fragrant snack, which is very quickly prepared, suitable for lunch or dinner, as well as for any festive table.


● 2 kg. or (4.40925 lb) of tomatoes to cut large (in half),
● 4 pcs. bell peppers,
● 2 heads of garlic,
● 2 pcs. red hot peppers,
● 2 pcs. carrots,
● Greenery.

For the filling:

● 100 gr. or (0.22046 lb) vinegar,
● 100 gr. vegetable oil,
● 100 gr. sugar,
● 2 tbsp. salt.


1. Grind bell peppers, garlic, red hot peppers, carrots in a mixer.

2. Stir. Cut the greens.

3. Lay in layers in a 3-liter jar: tomatoes, then a mixture of vegetables, greens.

4. Cover the jar with a lid and put in the refrigerator in an inverted form. This is so that in 8 hours it was ready for use.

And then you can keep in the usual position. The next day even tastier!

Bon Appetit!!!

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