Invented diet for those who do not have the willpower.


Invented diet for those who do not have the willpower. If your willpower repeatedly fails the test with diets and other pieces to lose weight, offer excellent diet just for the girls, who have the power, there is a will, and then you know!

So, the best diet for women with weak willpower and even lose weight fast does not help, but still save on a pair of three kilograms. Diet begins with a morning reception cup of water, then breakfast: porridge, cooked in water without the addition of oil and sugar, or a cup of yogurt, 2 toast with a thin layer of butter and cheese, a cup of yogurt or milk, fruit or dried fruit in season, coffee or tea with crackers or a teaspoon of honey.

At lunch put a glass of kefir or yogurt.
Then lunch: salad or vegetable soup, 150 grams of lean meat (or fish or low-fat cottage cheese, or 2 eggs), 2 slices of bread, fruit.
Dinner: repeat lunch menu.
Next, and go to dinner:
How much time: losing weight on a lazy diet for 4 weeks.

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