Interesting facts about the raspberries

Interesting facts about the raspberries


Juicy fragrant sweetness of raspberries known to mankind since the 4th century BC.

● Raspberry — the champion on the content of iron. This automatically gives it the status of women’s berries, can compensate for the monthly blood loss.

● The recipe, which does not diminish the effectiveness of antiquity: fresh crushed raspberry leaves (1 part) plus butter (2 parts). This ointment perfectly helps with acne, if you apply it to cleansed skin daily course of 2 weeks.

● Raspberry — the most delicious medicine! Especially in the form of jam, which has antipyretic and diaphoretic action. Our ancestors compote of raspberries treated diseases of the throat, and infusion of leaves and flowers — an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes.

● Unsweetened raspberry compote — the best summer drink. Firstly, it is good thirst quencher (through malic and citric acids). Secondly, it prevents the development of summer colds associated with air-conditioned (due salicylic acid).

● Raspberry — an indispensable dessert for those who want to keep the blood vessels healthy. True to the prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension and heart attack to be effective, it is desirable to pamper yourself berries year round.

● Yellow raspberries less useful than the red. Much more nutrients in black raspberries, but this sort, being derived in America, is very rare in Europe.

● The color of raspberry essence — a celebration of abundance. A mixture of red and blue sets to win!

● Studies show that raspberry flavor in lipstick or perfume is a woman paradoxical feeling of weakness as the forces.

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