Ideas for Valentine’s Day: How to make a strawberry with cream.

Simple, easy and delicious berry dessert Valentine’s day.
Strawberries filled with cream — it is a unique way to enjoy the taste of fresh berries and a really good dessert for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. In addition, strawberries with cream can be included in the menu buffet table, where these simple desserts are always welcome.


Before you start cooking, be sure to try the strawberries make sure that it is as good as the taste and appearance. It is important that the base of the berries was flat, that they are firm and not overturned, when they are filled with cream. If necessary, the need to cut the green stems or lower part of the strawberries: so it will be more stable.

Of course, first of all it is necessary to wash the strawberries, and then, using a sharp knife, make a cross-shaped incision in each berry, starting from the top of the strawberry and bring almost to the bottom. Then, gently with your fingertips to spread the resulting pitch. Now you can fill the berries with cream.

Stuffing is traditionally made from mascarpone cheese and fat whipped cream with a little sugar and vanilla extract. Mascarpone — a soft immature cream cheese ivory. It is a thick, oily, with a rich sweet flavor and velvety texture. Mascarpone is made from cow’s milk and has the consistency of sour cream. It is usually sold in plastic bottles weighing 220 g in grocery stores and supermarkets. If you can not find mascarpone, replace it with a conventional cream cheese, ricotta or cottage cheese. With regard to the amount of sugar, it may be controlled by its own taste.

Strawberry dessert can be prepared several hours before serving. You just have to cover it and refrigerate.

Strawberries with cream


● Large strawberries — 15 pcs.,
● Ricotta, cottage cheese or mascarpone — 50g.,
● Whipped cream — 50g.,
● Vanilla sugar — 2 tbsp.,
● Grated chocolate — 1 tbsp.,
● Vanilla extract — a few drops.


Strawberries wash, cut the stalk to the sustainability of the berries on top to make a cross-shaped incision. Whip cream until hard peaks in the hotel a bowl, mix cottage cheese or ricotta cheese with sugar and almond extract until fluffy mass.

Carefully opening the berry, fill it with the final weight (about 1 teaspoon), sprinkled with chocolate. Before use, cool.

Bon Appetit!!!



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