Ice cream with condensed milk

Ice cream with condensed milk



● Condensed milk 380g.
● Yoghurt 200g.
● Sour cream 200g.
● Vanilla Sugar 8g.


Step 1.
Recipes for homemade ice cream a lot. Not much effort to please their loved ones cold frozen dessert. Everything is accessible and easy.

Take the condensed milk, plain yogurt, sour cream and vanilla sugar. I first picked up the condensed milk for diabetics. It fructose and contains an ordinary sugar. By the way, very tasty.

Yogurt with us children, because ice cream often prepares for the younger half of the family. Smetana any proven quality.

Step 2.
Mix in a deep dish or bowl mixing the ingredients in any order. A little stir a lot with the help of a blender. The mixture is air, but it will be mixed thoroughly.

Stage 3.
Fill accurately the mixture into molds. Put the sticks in place. If the form is not — try to pour a lot into a plastic container and freeze.

Step 4.
The ice cream freezer freezes a few hours.
To remove the ice cream from our molds substitute it for a few seconds under running hot water.

Bon Appetit!


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