How to make Sangria at home.

How to make Sangria at home.


In fact, the sangria — a wine with water and fruits. Extremely tasty mixture, which in Spain doing in every decent house with a prescription grandmother.
Recipes lot, as much as the good families in Spain, and at the same time in Portugal and Italy. It is in these three countries like sangria in the summer months, more than the wine. And rightly so — sangria easier, fragrant, it is possible to prepare each time in a different way, and besides, it’s cheap.

It should be more detail to understand the essence of the ingredients, everything to turned out as you need:

Wine. Choose not expensive, but tested brands.
Fruit. You can take any kind of fruit, the main condition,
so that they are mature and well washed.

• Strong alcoholic. At the amateur. Can not add. In Spain, sangria love loosely.
In England — on the contrary. Usually added to whiskey, rum or brandy. Sometimes vodka or gin.

Water. Take good water. You can experiment with mineral water,
which, incidentally, go well with sparkling wines for giving an even greater effervescent of sangria. Some people use tonic.

• Spices and sugar. It is entirely on the conscience of the person who prepares.
A matter of taste. If the fruit are sweet and freshest — nothing has required.
Excellent mint, clove interesting accentuate, adds mystery nutmeg and cinnamon, ginger refreshes.

Serve sangria accepted in a large glass decanter with a wooden spoon for catching fruits. Ice is not necessary, but desirable. Sangria is often used at parties, and it is justified — it is possible to cook several liters spectacular drink, guests will not be heavily drunk and inexpensive wine would save. Surprise your friends — they prepare sangria!

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