How to make kebab. 8 useful tips

How to make kebab. 8 useful tips


In the past it was prepared entirely from scrap, leaving the best bits of mascara for barbecue

Today kebab make even from expensive marble beef, despite the fact that its fat content and, accordingly, the price is higher than the steaks. Besides lamb or veal can take good quality chicken, or even potatoes.
The process of cooking is quite simple in appearance. Meat finely chopped, mixed with fat and fat-tailed onions, shaped patties that are strung on skewers and roasted on an open fire. Rump in the recipe — absolutely indispensable, because it holds the pieces of meat and onion in one chop. The most important thing in the art of cooking kebab — minced meat strung on skewers. It is not so easy as it seems at first glance, but there are some secrets that can help you in this.

Secrets of cooking kebab:

Required long Knead beef, so it becomes more viscous.
During molding patties constantly wetting the hands in water.
The warm — in the winter, in the cold — in the summer.
If you’re just starting to cook your own kebab, add in minced 1 egg, or a protein. With him your patties will not fall apart.
Use only the broad skewers — not less than 2 cm.
They will keep the meat better than fine.
Before you begin modeling kebab, put the stuffing in the refrigerator. Fat-tailed fat hardens — and you will be easier to mold patties. Otherwise, the fat will melt in your hands, and stuffing falling apart. Finished with skewers kebab before frying put back in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to better meatballs on skewers kept during cooking on the fire.
Each skewer hold on fire 12 minutes, while it must be 4 times to turn to kebab browned on all sides.


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