How to Make Canapes for a Birthday

How to Make Canapes for a Birthday

If you still do not know how to make canapes for a birthday, then I suggest you pay attention to the proposed ideas. Prepared from the usual products, turn out beautiful and tasty snacks. They can replace traditional meat and vegetable cuts, sandwiches and even salads.


• Bread: To taste,
• Cheese: To taste,
• Vegetables: To taste,
• Eggs: To taste


1. Lightly salted or smoked salmon can be an excellent ingredient for canapes. A slice of white bread should be cut into small pieces. Grease with butter and lay out thinly sliced salmon. Repeat layers 2-3 times and strung on a skewer. Such canapés can be supplemented with a piece of egg, a slice of cucumber or fresh greens. These small sandwiches will look great on a festive table.
2. There are also options how to make canapés for a birthday without bread. In this case, you can use crackers, for example. Spread a thin layer on it (fish or liver pate) and add a slice of tomato and egg to the canape. You can decorate the snack with olive and fresh greens.
3. Traditional sandwiches can replace small canapes with bread, sausage, cheese and vegetables. They can be served on small skewers, decorated with greens. Cut ingredients can be ordinary squares or using molds for biscuits.
4. As an ingredient for canapes at home for birthday, you can use absolutely everything — meat delicacies, seafood, vegetables and even fruits. Such canapés can also be supplemented with various sauces.
5. Another fairly simple recipe for birthday canapés is a combination of boiled beets and meat. You can use beef or lean pork, cut into thin pieces. To make these canapes more piquant, you can also add salted cucumber or pickled onion ring.

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