How to instill in the child a love for cooking.

How to instill in the child a love for cooking


Cooking for all ages, especially children. Agree little helpers in the kitchen — always a joy. At what age can discover the world cooking for the children? How to do it correctly and instill a love of cooking?

Learning playing

Start familiarity with cooking, you can already from three years. And the best thing to do it in a playful way. Buy in the store baby supplies for cooking: Toy kitchen sets, set for desserts, plastic tea service, bright bowls, whisks, spatulas. On the Internet you can find and download a lot of informative cooking games. They are much more interesting to study the various products, kitchen utensils, and learn some simple recipes.


We start with the basics

After a while, you can go on a real kitchen. Let your child helps you cook dinner and performs elementary tasks. Ask him to mix vegetables for salad, sculpt meatballs for soup or casserole sprinkle with grated cheese. At the age of 3-4 years old children love to tinker with sand, mix dry substances, mold from plasticine. These skills can be used in the preparation of dough for homemade cakes or biscuits.


Arouse interest

Try to to cook with your child something that is interesting to him, at least initially. Make together his favorite chicken cutlets, macaroni with cheese or vegetable soup. Practice these recipes often, each time giving the baby perform new tasks. Gradually add to the menu dishes of unfamiliar foods, and be sure to try them during cooking. So the child will discover new tastes and preferences for healthy food.


Have patience

Most importantly, when we teach children to cook — to show restraint, and in any case do not blame for the blunders. Otherwise cooking will cause the child a negative emotion, and he loses all interest in her. Remember, avoid spoiled food, burnt food and broken dishes is unlikely. Prepare all the ingredients and cooking utensils in advance. This will not be distracted by little things and make sure that the baby does not get burned or cut himself.


Maintain cleanliness

Mountain of dirty dishes — the constant result of any family lunch or dinner. And wash it also should be included in the child’s responsibilities. To start teach him to wash his own plate and bowl with a spoon. Ask baby wipe crumbs from the table, remove the leftover food in the fridge or load the dishes in the dishwasher. In fact, many children love to splash in the sink with water and foam, so for dishwashing are taken very willingly.


Give steer

The best way to teach a child to cook — to provide freedom of action. Let him make a list of foods to find them in the store and put it in the truck, under the vigilant control of your course. Once a week, the best on the weekend, prepare breakfast or lunch for recipes that will choose a child. Leaf through together a cookbook, learn cooking sites. This will allow your child to feel like an adult and heighten interest in cooking.


Helping neighbors

Children are always full willingness to do something nice for a much loved family. They are happy to help cook dinner for dad on the job or a useful snack for older brothers and sisters to school. Collect delicious sandwich of ham and cheese and vegetables, pour the batter for chocolate cupcakes on molds, to come up with fruit smoothies, Wash the apple and beautifully folded it all in plastic containers — for them a pleasure.


Operating kitchen utensils

Starting from 4-5 years child can familiarize with the new kitchen utensils. Show him separable forms for baking, rolling pin, pastry syringe and so on. Allow the baby to roll out the cake pan and decorate cream cake. Usually at this age children are well considered, so that the measuring cups and scales cause his keen interest. Use them to their destination, the child will love to cook even more, and at the same time consolidate the verbal counting skills.


Cooking with heat

Knives and appliances can develop after 6 years. Suppose, for a start it would be a safe table knife with a rounded tip and the sharp edge of the teeth. Show your child how to properly cut the products and it does not hurt. The heat treatment is studied by means of a microwave, a toaster or waffle iron. You can keep away a little child to the plate, for example, allow to turn the cutlets to the pan and pour the omelette.


Decorate with a soul

Nothing awakens a love of cooking, serving as a spectacular. Even if the gala dinner not expected, allow the child to string on skewers Canapes of cheese cubes, circles of cucumber and olives. Come up together as you arrange cutting of colored vegetables, slices of sausage or ham, make sandwiches fun and porridge. And joint efforts can be learned just a fruit carving. These lessons will benefit both children and adults.

Can you arrange cutting of colored vegetables, slices of sausage or ham, make sandwiches fun and porridge.

And still the surest way to instill in children a desire Recipes — a personal example. Cook a lot, often and with pleasure. Perhaps it will inspire your beloved child to become an outstanding chef.

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