How to increase a breast by means of hop oil.

How to increase a breast by means of hop oil


Hop cones — one of the best and most popular funds for breast augmentation.
If you’re afraid to take it inside — can be used externally: to rub in the form of oil.

Oil hop is difficult to find in pharmacies. Therefore, we will prepare for yourself the magic oil.

1. Very small (as possible) dry grind plants.
2. Place the powder in a vessel which is tightly closed, and then add the base oil (olive, almond, sesame, etc.)
The amount of oil should be sufficient to completely cover the plants.
3. Mix well the mixture.
4. Give the plants settle, then add more oil so that the thickness of the layer of oil over
vegetable mixture was about 0.6 cm. Some lighter plants will emerge first. In this case,
the lower layer of oil must be approximately 0.6 cm.
5. Many of the dried plants absorb a 0.6 cm the oil. Check your mix in 24 hours.
If this happens, add oil to it covers the dry plant.
6. Close firmly the jar.
7. Put it in a paper bag or box in order to protect from light and place in the sun for 7 or 10 days
(or in a warm place) for steeping.
8. Every day every two hours (or at least several times per day), shake or stir the mixture.
9. When the process is finished, strain the mixture, separating the oil from the plant, and then
wring out the remaining mass.
10. Give the infusion to stand in a room for several days, then decant (pour off neatly, without
raising sediment) oil and filter sediment.
11. Pour the oil in a glass, tightly-closing bottles, sign and store in a cool dark place.

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