How to cook chocolate and pistachio ice cream.

How to cook chocolate and pistachio ice cream

As it turned out, it’s very easy to make homemade ice cream, but the result is much more delicious and natural than what is sold in stores.

Ingredients (6-8 servings):

● Cream for whipping — 300g.,
● Milk — 150 ml.,
● Egg yolks — 3 pcs.,
● Sugar — 70-100g.,
● Vanilla sugar — 10g.


We cool the cream in the refrigerator. Warm the milk, dissolve sugar and vanilla sugar in it, cool it to 40-50 ° C.

Separate the yolks, stir, and a thin trickle pour in them sweet milk. We put the mixture on the steam bath, stirring constantly, warm the mixture until it thickens and the consistency will not resemble the condensed milk. Cool to below room temperature.
We get the cream from the fridge, whisk.

Gently mix both masses, then pour out the ice cream deep form and send it to the freezer. Just before sending to the freezer, you can add all kinds of fillers, for example: ground pistachios or chocolate.

We take ice cream from the freezer every hour, mix it and put it back right away. So do it three times so that the ice cream does not create crispy pieces of ice.

Bon Appetit!!!

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